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  • What is BAMM?
    BAMM (acronym) for Backyard Applied Macrobiotic Module - utilizes proprietary technology in a unit incorporating the breeding/growing of both fish (any species of freshwater fish, in tanks atop the ground) and over 40 varieties of vegetables (in grow-beds) within a 6 x 6 m2 footprint
  • ​ How does BAMM operate?
    BAMM utilizes a technology that grows both vegetables and fish within the same system without the use of soil as a medium. It is powered through a solar unit which produces electricity, charging a bore hole water pump to supply water for the re-circulation system in addition to operating O2 generators. The water within each tank is recirculated, and feeds the fish, shrimp and plants with necessary nutrition. As there are no harmful pesticides or fertilizer used within the system, the fish/vegetable/shrimp produce is certified 100% organic.
  • What is REBIFT?
    REBIFT (acronym) for Recirculation Bio-floc Technology - Spire’s technological product that provides organic fertilizer for vegetable production
  • What is the ABCDE City Project?
    The ABCDE (Aqua-Agri based Community Development Export) City Project is designed for a minimum of 2500 families, It produces vegetables and fresh-water fish. An empty, bare land with no development is utilized, including people with no stable source of income or sufficient food/water and housing, and we provide them with said resources. In addition to providing the selected families with housing, employment and food security, we build roads within the land pertaining to the 2500 families, in addition to several amenities commonly found within a city - thus developing a community.
  • What does the ABCDE City Project consist of?
    A Land area of 150 acres 2500 two bed room houses 2500 units for production of fish and vegetables A number of overhead water tanks A number of solar electricity systems and a solar power plant A vocational training and educational center A recreational club with an auditorium A daycare center and a primary school A Medium sized supermarket A Bank Branch A center for religious activities Primary health care unit with medical supplies Security and project office A hatchery A fish feed mill A processing and packaging plant A seedlings nursery Vegetable and fish processing plant along with a cold room Logistics office to provide transportation within the project site Roads and public safety features Public Sanitary Services
  • What is the Rural Economic Development (RED) Program?
    For more information on Spire's Rural Economic Developement (RED) Program, please visit
  • What is the 'Microcosmic Economy' concept?
    For more information on Spire's "Microcosmic Economy" concept, please visit
  • What is the role of Spire USA Inc. within the ABCDE City Projects?
    Spire USA Inc is the: REBIFT (Recirculation Bio-floc technology) and BAMM (Backyard Macrobiotic Module) technology owner. Project Promoter as the partner to the PPP (Public-private Partnership Program) undertakes to set up the project on a Turn Key BOT ( Build-Operate-Transfer) basis. Project Consultant and Project Manager until the project is transferred to the beneficiary as a debt free, sustainable, and commercially viable venture at the end of contracted period of time.
  • Why do we require a local agent and what is its role?
    The presence of a Local Agent is mandatory, as the Project Promoter (Spire USA Inc.) does not maintain a local presence. Spire contracts the entire management of the ABCDE City Project utilizing an expatriate management team with technicians, with the function of the buy-back agreement to guarantee the market for the harvested produce. For Spire to succeed in their obligations, the local agent must wholly undertake the local management aspect of the project.
  • What relies on the success of the ABCDE City Project?
    Management of human resources and the entire production by Spire USA Inc and the local Agent. Marketing of end products in the international organic markets through Buy-Back Agreement of Spire USA Inc. Management of Quality of both local input of raw materials and the output to the international markets. Maintaining the consistency of produce in terms of quality and quantity through management techniques and maintenance of technology by Spire USA Inc and the local Agent. The implementation of innovative technologies and critical processes through Spire's ongoing Research and Development.
  • What is the BAMM Commercial Investment Program?
    Primarily intended for corporate entities and is made to reap the maximum amount of revenue within the smallest footprint of land in the highest possible production numbers – as such, we incorporate shrimp into the production system for a higher profitability within a short period of time. The buy-back agreement of Spire applies for corporate commercial projects as well
  • What is O-Hub?
    Organic Shrimp / Fish / 40 different varieties of Vegetables - production hub as a commercial and industrial farm for private sector individuals interested in operating organic food production outlets with off-taker agreements to sell all of their produce
  • What is Cosmos Residential City?
    A family housing and community development project (utilizing Spire's BAMM and REBIFT technologies) for revenue deprived families. It is designed and offered as a Joint Venture establishment and Franchise
  • What is Eco-Garden?
    A restaurant style concept where organic food is produced and sold to consumers as prepared on menus within the garden. Customers can harvest their own fish, shrimp, and vegetables from the production facility. Eco - Garden will be available for franchise.
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