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Community Development Projects

Designed at minimum clusters of 2,500 families

Promoting food security for the poverty-ridden and/or displaced to be independent, both economically & socially

Empowering the people through improved education & life-skills

Promoting self-reliance by providing families with job security, housing, water, electricity, vegetables & fish for daily personal consumption

Job Security

Full-time, direct employment for 2 persons per family. Additionally, approximately 500 indirect employments from ancillary industries within the Project City.


A two-bedroom prefabricated house (inclusive of a living room, dining room & bathroom).


5000 +/- liters of water per day, per family.


Clean, renewable solar/wind/turbine powered energy, sufficient to burn

5 - 6 bulbs of 75 W capacity, for 5 hours per day, per family.


Regular training and capacity building. Providing the tools and education to utilize basic technology.The knowledge to run a self-reliant, self-sustaining enterprise.

Nutritious Food

Healthy, 100% organic (no harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides used in the growing of fish, shrimp or vegetables), nutritious food for daily consumption.


Access to the hospital/medical facility built as one of the numerous project city amenities available for the families/farmers to avail of.


A heterogeneous amalgam of architecture and agri-aquaculture merged to form state-of-the-art, modern ancillary technologies, buildings and services with efficiency and functionality.

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